A Running Meditation

Hugh Rose Penguin

When I left earlier this afternoon to embark on a 6 or so km run around the Humber Downside-Upside Loop, I was mostly contemplating getting my semi-hibernated body out for a combination of some much needed brisk movement and sunshine.  However, once I crossed the bridge – both the physical and the mental one – and descended into the valley, the trek along the mostly ice and slush-ridden trail turned into a lighthearted meditation on life in general, reminding me of the following…

– While you may have sussed out an approximate route, the path you’ve mapped out for yourself isn’t going to be quite what you expected.  Adapt as needed.

– Often the way that appears to be more challenging is actually the fast-track to your destination.

– If you hit a treacherously icy patch, it’s best to slow down.

– Occasionally, you’re going to cross paths with growling, barking dogs.  The truth is, most of them are simply afraid of you.  Show them you’re full of love and friendliness, and they’ll generally let you go on your merry way.

– It’s advisable to get off the well-trod path from time to time – the scenery in the wilderness is far more captivating than any safely paved road.

– Enjoy the ride!