Yoga Packages @ Yoga with Ian – New!


What’s all this, then?  Let’s see, we have two bolsters, and a blanket, which are primarily for Restorative Yoga.  There are blocks (solid and hollow cedar) and cotton straps, which we use for all kinds of support and guidance during practice.  The colourful rubber resistance bands help with shoulder strengthening and stabilisation.  The two alien-looking globes are Dr. Cohen’s Acuball – the large one is used to access pressure points to release tension in key areas of the body (neck, back, hips, etc), while its mini counterpart is great for releasing fascial tension in the feet.  Oh right, and there’s a yoga mat underneath all that.

Lastly, there’s some text, detailing our new yoga packages.  The per-class pricing for the packages is only slightly higher than single class pricing at most larger yoga studios, and for that you receive quality, dedicated, private, one-on-one instruction.  A committed practice is the key to progression in yoga – we hope that these new packages will encourage students to spend even more time on the mat!

To purchase your package or to inquire further about Yoga with Ian, please feel free to contact us.