To improve health, a lot of folk seem to be into fasting these days. We tried it, but ended up feeling like everything was a dire chore, rushing haphazardly through matters where we should have taken our time, and forgetting to stay true to our vision. So instead, we’ve become advocates of slowing*. It’s done wonders for our sense of well-being and we still get to eat what we want.

We’d all do well to slow for at least an hour a day, more if possible!

A simple way to slow:  Take a moment to warm your mug before pouring your tea or coffee. Swirl around some water from the kettle, and let your palms envelope the sides of the cup. Mmmmm….

What’s your suggestion for an easy way to slow?

(*We were first shown the benefits of slowing by Swami Beyondananda, who in turn was instructed by his teacher, Harry Cohen Baba.  The events described in the Swami’s numerous books may or may not be true – we’re keeping an open mind on the matter.)