One-On-One and Small Group Yoga Classes, In-Studio Or On-Location

Vira III

In 2012, I began offering yoga instruction as an adjunct to shiatsu.

Yoga is often touted as a means to improve physical fitness, and while it certainly provides that benefit, my own practice has shown me that it is so much more.

We currently reside in a very distracted and distracting world, that produces more stress than we often seem to know what to do with.  In our hectic, day-to-day workings, our ever-busy minds are mostly directed toward either ruminating on the past or speculating on the future – we rarely exist in the present, where happiness and contentment are most readily found.

Yoga has the capacity to take us out of our busy minds and have us fully feeling – sensing, inhabiting – our bodies, as we move and breathe in practice.  When we are focused and physically present, thoughts also increasingly reside in the present moment.  This joining together, synchronising, of the body and mind in asana* practice is where yoga begins.  In practice, how we face the challenges we present to ourselves, and the compassion we endeavour to extend to ourselves, carries over into our time spent off of the mat.

Shiatsu and yoga are beautiful complements to each other. Both modalities help to:

  • Calm the nervous system,
  • Increase blood flow,
  • Improve postural alignment.

With a dedicated practice, the result is a…

  • Calmer
  • Stronger
  • More flexible
  • More focused
  • More centred…


I have been practicing yoga and various forms of meditation since 2004 and have had the privilege of training under some of the city’s best teachers. Fully certified (RYT200), I offer the following classes:

  • Hatha: A moderately paced class, with quieter transitions between postures.  Focus is on creating safe alignment, cultivating a strong and stable foundation in preparation for deeper practice.  Hatha classes are suitable for those new to yoga and for those looking to lead a more active lifestyle.
  • Vinyasa: This Sanskrit word means “to place in a special way” – these dynamic classes encourage smooth, continuous flow between postures, synchronising movement and breath.  Best suited for students with an existing practice and those who currently lead an active lifestyle.
  • Resorative: An excellent class for those emerging from a sedentary lifestyle, those recovering from injury or simply anyone who feels that they could benefit from slowing down. Various props are used to provide support during practice, and postures are held for longer durations.  Supported, longer holds activate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system – the “rest and digest” centre – where deep relaxation and healing can take place.

Class rates and availability.

A free, 15-minute consultation may be arranged for potential students, so that any questions or concerns may be addressed. All students will be required to sign a liability release form before commencing instruction. Students are requested to provide their own yoga mat and will also need to bring a clean towel to put over any props that might be used.

I look forward to serving you!

(*Asana means “seat” or “posture”.  Initially it referred strictly to seated meditation, but eventually came to describe most physical yoga practice.)